Police have starting cracking down on antisocial behaviour involving motorbikes in Welling, and have begun issuing warning and seizure notices to riders.

One motorcycle and rider has already been served with a Section 59 Police Reform Act, meaning the vehicle will be seized following any further careless, reckless and anti-social driving.

Welling Police said they have received numerous reports in recent weeks of a rise in antisocial behaviour relating to motorcycles in the area.

They have since been building cases against a number of individuals, supported by video footage and statements given by the public.

On Tuesday, officers said they identified a motorcycle and rider, and served them with a notice under the Section 59 Police Reform Act.

This provides police a power of seizure once a warning is issued for any vehicle that the rider is seen driving if it is driven in a manor that’s careless, reckless or in a manor that is generally deemed to be Anti-Social.

This is just the first, and with officers planning to crack down on these types of incidents and offences.

Welling Police said that over the coming weeks, they will continue to issue these warning notices, send Notice or Intend Prosecution letters to drivers, and seize vehicles where powers allow them to do so.

The local Met police force have been busy in recent days, after conducting an Operation Avara at Dartford train station over the weekend.

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