Police have arrested a man in Lewisham after they watched a stolen car run a red light, hit another car and a cyclist and then mount the pavement.

A number of suspects fled the vehicle but one was stopped and a member of the public and subsequently arrested, and police then found two sawn-off shotguns inside the stolen car.

The Met Police say a 22-year-old man has been arrested for firearms, weapons and road traffic offences and is currently being held at a south London police station

Detective Superintendent Nick Blackburn, of the Met’s Specialist Crime South command, said: “Those responsible for this left a trail of destruction behind and, because of them, a cyclist has been badly injured.

“I want those suspects to know that there is a dedicated team conducting extensive enquiries and are determined to track them down and hold them to account for what they have done."

Officers from the Met's Road Traffic team were driving through Bromley Road and junction with Bellingham Road on around 4:25pm on Thursday, July 23, to attend an unrelated matter.

They watched as a car ran a red light at the junction, before hitting another car and cyclist and then mount the pavement.

Met Police said several suspects fled the scene, but one of the men was stopped by a member of public and detained at the scene.

The police force launched an extensive search of the area to trace the remaining suspects, but enquiries are still ongoing to locate them.

An off-duty officer from the Met’s South East command unit was passing when he saw the situation unfold. Spotting the car, and the firearm inside, he stood guard outside of it until back up arrived.

A search of the stolen vehicle revealed two sawn-off shotguns and a number of loose cartridges.

The cyclist was taken to a south London hospital, where their injuries have been assessed as not life-changing or life-threatening.

DS Blackburn added: “The Met continues to work around the clock to identify and pursue offenders, help bring perpetrators to justice, take weapons off the street, support victims, engage and reassure the public, and keep our communities safe.

“If you know anything about those who have committed this crime, I urge you to come forward and speak to us, or anonymously to Crimestoppers.”