Residents at a house in Erith have been thrown out by police after their constant drug use and violent “made lives for their neighbours a misery!”

Last week Bexley Met Police Service revealed they had managed to close down and evict troublesome residents at an address in Erith, pictured above.

Officers from the Met’s Antisocial Behaviour Team, had investigated a number of complaints and disturbances and took the matter to court.

There, a full closure order was obtained, and the residents were evicted for what police described as “constant drug use and violent behaviour.”

Bexley MPS added that they had worked alongside Bexley Council and the ‘evicted party’ to ensure the residents were given temporary accommodation until they can find something more permanent.

They will also be able to retrieve any belongings, overseen with police presence.

The initial statement read: “Residents at this Erith address have made lives for their neighbours a misery!

“Today PC Walsh & PC Young from the Anti Social Behaviour Team, attended court and obtained a full closure order.

“The residents have now been evicted for their constant drug use, and violent behaviour.”