A charity shop in Greenwich has been targeted twice in two days and burgled by criminals, causing considerable damage to the store just as it had reopened.

DEBRA, a small charity dedicated to supporting people suffering from a potentially fatal skin disease, reported that its Woolwich Road store had been targeted not once but twice in as many days earlier this month.

The DEBRA Furniture & Electrical Charity Superstore was firstly broken into on July 14, before criminals returned the following day and caused "considerable damage" as they forced their way in.

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Stolen from the store, which has only just reopened after the coronavirus lockdown, were five flat screen TVs taken from a window display, as well as the till drawer.

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A DEBRA spokesperson said the damage and theft would have a big impact on the small charity's takings.

"Staff have worded tirelessly to get the shop re-opened post pandemic and it is horrendous that people have acted in this way not once but twice in one week.

"The charity shop is an important part of the local community. The current retail environment is already challenging enough and approximately two thirds of DEBRA’s income comes from our stores."

The Met Police Service are investigating the break-in, saying in a statement they had been in contact with the charity shop after an attempted break-in at a charity shop on Woolwich Road, SE10 on July 14.

"It was reported that the suspects had tried to force entry via a side door. There have been no arrests."

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DEBRA is the UK's charity supporting Epidermolysis (EB), "the worst skin condition you've never heard of."

EB is a potentially fatal skin condition that causes constant pain due to unstoppable internal and external blistering, and the charity works to support those suffering, as well as funding vital research looking into a cure.

If you'd like to read more about the charity or donate to the cause, click here.