Bromley Council are set to formally object to plans to build hundreds of homes on a former golf course across the border at Kent for a second time.

The application to Sevenoaks Council by heavyweight Kent developer Mark Quinn’s Quinn Estate company proposes to build a new settlement titled ‘Stonehouse Park’ on the former Broke Hill Golf Course at Halstead.

While Sevenoaks District Council is the planning authority for the application, Bromley Council have been asked for feedback as the neighbouring council.

Bromley first confirmed objections to the project in November last year when the plans, which included 850 homes, a retirement home, rugby and hockey pitches and more, initially fronted Bromley’s development control committee.

While the number of proposed homes has since been dropped to 800, the council has upheld its objections largely on the same grounds as their November decision.

Among their chief concerns are that the proposed development would “undermine” Bromley’s green belt, as well as fears it would overload roads, rail services, and medical facilities in the borough.

Committee chair Alexa Michael called the proposal a “very, very substantial application – you could almost call this Sevenoaks’s new town” when the 850-home proposal fronted the committee in November last year.

Developers behind the proposal state the plans would see the creation of a “highly sustainable new settlement that maximises the opportunities afforded by the site’s unique proximity to a public transport hub” near  Knockholt rail station.

Bromley’s development control committee is set to comment on the most recent move at a July 14 meeting.