It is "crystal clear" that drinkers will not adhere to physical distancing guidelines designed to slow the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus.

That was the opinion of Police Federation Chairman John Apter after pubs reopened across England yesterday (Saturday, July 4).

Scenes of drinkers massing at bars and pubs and flouting the 1-metre physical distancing rule touted by the government were seen across London and replicated in towns across the country on Saturday.

Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty had said the ongoing coronavirus pandemic "is a long way from gone" and urged the public to follow social-distancing rules as pubs and restaurants reopened.

Yet Saturday and the early hours of Sunday suggested that advice was not being followed as drinkers flocked to venues after months of lockdown.

News Shopper: People out in Shoreditch as lockdown measures in venues were eased on Saturday (July 4). Image: Kirsty O'Connor/PA WirePeople out in Shoreditch as lockdown measures in venues were eased on Saturday (July 4). Image: Kirsty O'Connor/PA Wire

Apter was on shift in Southampton and said he had dealt with "naked men, happy drunks, angry drunks, fights and more angry drunks," when asked his opinion of what had been dubbed 'Super Saturday':

"What was crystal clear is that drunk people can't/won't socially distance," he said.

"It was a busy night but the shift managed to cope. I know other areas have had issues with officers being assaulted," Apter added.

Others, like London store manager Rafal Liszewski at Clonezone on Soho's Old Compton Street, described crowds in the area on Saturday night as "out of control".

"Around 1pm crowds started to arrive... quickly everything got out of control and by 8-9 pm it was a proper street party with people dancing and drinking," the 36-year-old told the PA news agency.

"Barely anyone was wearing masks and nobody respected social distancing... to be honest with that many people on one street it was physically impossible."

Health Secretary Matt Hancock on the other hand said that the vast majority of people who went out on 'Super Saturday' were "doing the right thing":

Speaking on Sky's Ridge On Sunday, Hancock said: "Well I think that from what I've seen, although there's some pictures to the contrary, very, very largely people have acted responsibly."

He added: "So overall I'm pleased with what happened yesterday. It was really good to see people out and about and largely, very largely social distancing."