A Brockley filmmaker has written and directed a short feature highlighting the cost of drug supply on young lives in London.

Leon Oldstrong worked with the Met Police to tell the story of a 15-year-old, who is manipulated by older gang members and led him down a path which isolates him from friends and family.

'Fair Trade' also highlights one of the drivers of drug supply in the capital, middle-class and recreational drug users, who provide gangs with a steady flow of customers.

Leon Oldstrong, writer and director of Fair Trade, said: “This was a challenging film for me as I believe there are too many films that portray the Black experience and gang culture as synonymous.

However I felt that it was well past due to address the role of white middle-class drug use in youth violence - the role of the drug user who doesn't need to turn to crime to fuel their habit and is continually 'let off the hook'.

“Conversely I felt that I could illustrate the fact that those who end up involved in gang culture and selling drugs are victims too.

“As London moves out of lockdown it is clear that things will not be the same as they were before, they can't be.

“My hope is that 'Fair Trade' will play a part in serious youth violence no longer being seen as normal."