Lewisham residents were surprised to find unexpected food boxes dropped on their doorsteps, in an apparent Government blunder.

Deliveries appeared out front of multiple Caterham Road homes on June 15, despite the occupants having no knowledge of the scheme.

The Government has been co-ordinating the delivery of supplies to vulnerable shielding residents during the pandemic.

David Hull, 62, a retired investment analyst, said: "At this very difficult time, it is great that the government is helping the most vulnerable households in our community through food boxes.

“But I am disappointed by the incompetence and carelessness of whichever body is running the scheme in Lewisham.

“Leaving unsolicited boxes outside random front doors on a residential street with large houses is just stupid.

“And it is an open invitation to potential burglars – as well as foxes, which are a real problem round here.

“I am completely foxed by this scheme.”

Lewisham Council confirmed that the boxes were sent by central Government, rather than the local authority.

Over 1 million boxes of essential food have now been delivered to those at highest risk across England.