A Bromley mum is calling for anti-speeding measures on her road after a rogue driver ploughed into her Bromley home.

Karolina Curry was stunned uponing open the front door of her Homesdale Road property at 8am on Saturday to the sight of her garden wall reduced to rubble.

While fortunately no one was hurt, she says it is time a speed camera was installed on the busy road, which has become a race-track for reckless drivers.

News Shopper:

The mum of two, who works in finance, said: "We were absolutely shocked when we opened front door and saw crushed car in front.

"Now we feel very unsafe and can't help thinking what could have happened if we’re leaving the house or so one was just at the pavement - it could have been absolutely tragic.

"The driver was reckless to drive that fast and extremely lucky he didn’t hurt himself or anyone else!

"Same spot last week or week before there was another accident, a boy on the bike was hit by a car, but also luckily no serious injury."

She hopes the incident will be a "good lesson" for the driver, who remained at the scene and was apologetic.

The Council has been contacted for comment.