Lewisham Foodbank defended itself after receiving complaints that 'treats' such as crisps and chocolate were included in its shopping lists.

The Forest Hill hub, seeded by the Trussell Trust, addressed concerns raised by followers on Twitter about the stocking of items which have "little nutritional value."

Clarifying that the public can choose what they donate, the organisation added: "we also believe in blessing our clients with a treat from time to time."

A spokesperson for the foodbank said: "Some followers have raised concern about us putting certain items on our shopping lists (eg crisps & chocolate).

"Let me clarify - whilst we agree that they are of little nutritional value, we also believe in blessing our clients with a treat from time to time.

"It's up to you to choose from out shopping lists to donate. And don't forget we also give a large bag of fruit 'n veg to households as well.

"Thank you for your feedback which we have taken on board.

"And thanks for your continued support."

An outpouring of support followed the statement, with a number of foodbank users recounting how 'unessential' items were of real human value when they were in need.

One user said: "I've used Lewisham food bank before and my heavily pregnant self was eternally grateful to the kind soul who had donated a fancy M&S chocolate bar.

"Poor people deserve joy too."

A Mayor of Lewisham appeal to help the local foodbank amid the coronavirus crisis raised more than £80,000 in April.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, foodbank usage has surged.