An adaptation of Dan Brown's best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code is set to debut next year in Bromley.

The play, based on the hit 2003 book which has sold millions of copies worldwide, will tour the UK, starting at the Churchill Theatre.

Performances will be also staged in locations including Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Wolverhampton, London, Glasgow and Cardiff.

Brown said: "I am thrilled that The Da Vinci Code is being adapted for the stage, and excited to see the unique potential of live theatre enhance this story.

"The team making the production has been faithful to the book, but will also bring something new for the audience, in what is certain to be a gripping, fast-paced stage thriller and a thoroughly entertaining show."

The adaptation has been written by Rachel Wagstaff and Duncan Abel and will be directed by Luke Sheppard, who worked on West End musical & Juliet.

Sheppard said: "Cracking The Da Vinci Code open for the stage reveals an epic thriller steeped in theatrical potential, rich in suspense and surprising at every turn.

"Rachel Wagstaff and Duncan Abel's brilliant adaptation leaps off the page and demands us to push the limits of our imagination, creating a production that champions dynamic theatrical storytelling and places the audience close in the heat of this gripping mystery."

The book was also adapted into a 2006 film, starring Tom Hanks.