MILLENNIALS are being forced into holding illegal raves because they are "socially-starved", a night time industry boss has claimed.

Michael Kill spoke after two impromptu parties in Hove and Brixton got out of control with police hurt as scenes turned nasty.

Chief executive of the Night Time Industries Association(NTIA) Mr Kill said the Government’s new easing of restrictions will do little to help youngsters desperate for a night out.

He urged the authorities to look at trying to balance safety with helping venues open up again.

The 47-year-old said: "There is, under the guidance that was released yesterday, there is no avenue to open for live or recorded at all the moment which is very, very frustrating.

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Police on Hove Lawns last night

"As you can appreciate there is so much going on, our primary focus is obviously the safety of the public but we also have to balance that with what’s going on in things like youth culture where we are seeing an uplift in illegal raves and things like this where youngsters, millennials, are socially starved.

"‘We’ve got to look at starting to address this balance and the late-night economy is that access point for some of the youth culture which we are quite relevantly seeing pop-up up and down the country.

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"There are so many cross reference pieces when you can be a pub in the day time and a late bar in the evening and we have also got to recognise the predominance of revenue of these bars come in the late trade not the early trade.

"Many of the businesses we deal with as members and wider industry have decided now is not the time and they are looking to remain closed because the guidance and the way that it has been set out is just not financially viable."

His comments, made to Radio 4’s Today programme, come in the wake of a number of impromptu events police have struggled to control.

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Screen grab from Twitter footage showing police clash with a crowd in Brixton Wednesday night. Image: PA/Twitter

Last night officers had to break up a huge Brighton seafront party sending home hundreds of youngsters home after scuffles broke out.

Ten police vehicles were called to Hove Lawns at 8.40pm yesterday amid reports of "pockets" of violence in the gathering.

The youths chanted at the officers, with one eyewitness calling it "like a stand-off between hundreds of youths and police".

In Brixton a street party also exploded into violence as fifteen officers were injured and revellers smashed up a patrol car and fought in the street.

Footage circulating on social media had shown a large amount of revellers congregating near Cecilia Road, in south London, at around 7pm.

Terrifying scenes showed the police beating a retreat after they were run out of the area by a mob.

Earlier this month a teenager was raped, three people were stabbed and a man killed by a suspected overdose in three illegal raves in the north of England.

The female sex assault victim,18, was attacked at an illegal party of around 2,000 revellers in Greater Manchester on June 13.

Meanwhile 4,000 party-goers held a 'quarantine rave', elsewhere in the city while another party was held near Leeds.

On Wednesday Essex Police put in place a dispersal order for Southend-on-Sea front after chaotic scenes of youths partying ended with a car being driven at one group.