Bromley Police have addressed complaints of widepsread litter and antisocial behaviour at local parks, namely the Queensmead Recreation Ground, saying they are doing all they can to address the issues.

The police force say they have been receiving lots of calls from residents regarding the park, particularly the litter being left behind as well as other antisocial behaviour.

Pictures have shown litter covering the park in recent days, and Bromley Town Police say that despite recent efforts to combat the behaviour, "sadly residents continue to report issues."

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So officers have tweeted out saying they want residents to know "we are doing all we can to address the issues."

This means increased patrols from police, along with Ward Security being introduced.

Officers are also working with two local councillors, Nicola Dykes and Will Harmer, as well as Ward Security and the local pub the Shortlands Tavern to make this happen.

The area is currently part of a no-drinking zone, and police say they will not hesitate to extend the zone if antisocial behaviour continues.

In a series of tweets, Bromley Town Police said: "If you intend to use the Rec, please remember to dispose of rubbish, or take it home.

"Please enjoy the lovely sunny weather and continue to report ASB and drugs if you see them. Remember police will be on patrol in the area, and if you need us call 101.

"It is only the small minority spoiling things."

Last week, efforts to stop parks users peeing in the bushes at Queensmead Recreation Ground had to be stepped up.

One councillor made an appeal to resist the urge to answer nature's call outside after complaints the run-off is leaking into the backyards of neighbouring homes.