Police have arrested a man for shoplifting after he tried to steal six bottles of Hendrick's Gin from the Morrisons in Welling.

The suspect went into the store equipped with a body suit on underneath his clothes to allow him to fit the items, and also a high-powered magnet which allowed him to remove security tags.

Welling Police officers running street duties took the man into custody, with one officer making his very first arrest.

According to police, the man had tried to steal six bottles of gin using his special equipment, but staff at the Morrisons store caught him.

He was arrested for shoplifting on Thursday, June 18, as well as going in equipped to steal.

The 'male in question' then lied about his address, and a bail enquiry in Dagenham confirmed his identity.

He has now been charged and remanded to Bromley Magistrates Court.