Plans have finally been submitted to rebuild the famous Blackheath Tea Hut after it was completely destroyed when a car ploughed into it at the start of the year.

Wilson Architectual Building Designs say they have been working on plans for several months now, and yesterday they "finally submitted a planning application to reinstate The Blackheath Tea Hut."

The company added that the plans had been received and will show up on Lewisham Council's planning pages in the next week or two.

They also thanked the Blackheath Society, who some thought might oppose the rebuild, for being "very helpful and supportive."

The tea hut was nearly completely destroyed on the evening of January 7 after a car ploughed into it at the Junction of Shooters Hill Road and Goffers Road, leaving a wake of destruction.

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Two people were actually inside the hut at the time and were left hospitalised after the building was hit so hard "the entire hut had spun 90 degrees."

Photos taken after the incident showed the building in an extremely bad state, and many took to social media to pay tribute to the 'death' of the tea hut.

But the following day, owner Dubster Arfurzer defiantly posted that they "will not be defeated by one reckless driver" and will be rebuilding the tea hut.

In the aftermath it emerged that the building was left 80% destroyed and structurally unsafe, and staff members were forced to help tear the remnants down so they could start again.

The building had been hit so hard it had spun 90%, ripping out all of the water, gas and electrical services, but it is thought that those inside at the time have now recovered.

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Two fundraising pages were then set up to help rebuild the iconic landmark, both raising over £3,500.

It appears Wilson Architectual Building Designs have now taken up this mantle, and they have said they will keep providing updates as the project progresses.

There was a large outpouring of emotion following the car crash at the start of the year, with many paying tribute to the 'south east London institution.'

This was followed by a wave of relief at plans to rebuild the tea hut, with one tweeter saying they couldn't wait for it to "rise from the ashes like a phoenix."

Dawnie Healey, who set up one of the fundraisers, said: "I wanted to start this campaign to raise funds to help get the Tea Hut rebuilt ASAP along with funds to help the staff members for any loss of earnings too."

She said she had been a regular at the tea hut when she lived in London, and said the "iconic piece of local Blackheath history" was much-loved.