Priti Patel visited police horses involved in last weekend's Black Lives Matter protests which ended with a mounted officer crashing into a lampost and a pedestrian trampled.

Horses based at Lewisham's Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch were brought in to control the largely peaceful protest, which was attended by thousands in London.

However, after an officer was knocked from her horse after it ran into a traffic light, the animal ran on to the street in Whitehall, knocking down nursing student Jessie Tieti Mawutu in an incident which she said left her “traumatised”.

The Met Police said that the officer sustained a number of injuries from the incident but is in a stable condition, and continues to be treated in hospital.

The Home Secretary said: "Today I met Rupert, a horse who worked last weekend during the protests.

"I also spoke to the family of the officer who was badly injured after falling from her horse.

"She is thankfully doing well.

"Proud to stand with these brave men and women."

News Shopper:

Ms Mawutu, 19, told the PA news agency that local authorities could not process her complaint about the incident, which has now been referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

She said that she called 101 after the incident, which she claims has left her with “non-stop headaches”, and was referred to a local police department.

She has now started a petition aiming to have her case investigated by the Met Police.

Two officers were seriously injured, including the Mounted Branch officer who was knocked from her horse when it hit a set of traffic lights whilst bolting.

She suffered a broken collarbone, a broken rib, and punctured lung, according to the Metropolitan Police Federation

The officer had struggled to stay in control as she was riding down the street surrounded by protesters.

She had a stay in hospital after undergoing surgery.