An angry driver deliberately and drunkenly mowed down two young men in Erith, killing one and injuring the other after they snapped his wing mirror off, a court has heard.

John Ambler, 33, had been walking with Jake Kemp, 26, after a night out when he drunkenly punched out at Uran Nabiev's parked Toyota Prius in the early hours of October 19 last year, the Old Bailey was told at the start of a high-profile murder trial.

Nabiev, 63, who had been at home drinking vodka at the time, allegedly responded by taking "the law into his own hands with tragic consequences.”

What happened next on Bexley Road, Erith, was caught on graphic CCTV footage as the pizza delivery driver got into his car intent on using it “as a weapon,” jurors were told.

Nabiev allegedly drove up behind the two men, revved his engine and mounted the pavement.

Delivery driver Mr Ambler was hit in the arm and his friend ran off pursued by Nabiev who reversed and mounted the opposite pavement.

Mr Kemp stumbled and fell and seconds later Nabiev deliberately drove straight over him, jurors heard.

Kemp was dragged nine metres down the pavement, ending up face down in a pool of blood and suffering from a serious head injury.

The air conditioning engineer from Barnehurst died in hospital three days later.

After the incident, father-of-one Nabiev drove to a friend's house "shaking, panicking and slurring his words", the court heard.

He allegedly said: "Thief, thief. They broke the car."

Nabiev then fled to his native Azerbaijan but was arrested on his return to the UK in November.

Opening his murder trial, Anthony Orchard QC said: "The prosecution case is that shortly after 4.30am, Uran Nabiev used his car as a weapon to attack both Jake Kemp and John Ambler.

"Instead of ringing the police to report his wing mirror damage, he took the law into his own hands with tragic consequences.

"He drove deliberately at John Ambler first. Having struck him with the car, he manoeuvred the vehicle expertly backwards and then chased after Jake Kemp.

"Jake had no chance. He ran and fell. Despite a clear time gap, the defendant made no attempt to brake. The Toyota was accelerating. It dragged the prone Jake Kemp for about nine metres before driving off.

"No attempt was made to stop. The defendant knew exactly what he was doing when he drove at both these men as they walked on Bexley Road. They stood no chance."

Following his arrest, Nabiev told police he was "extremely sorry" for Mr Kemp's death.

In a prepared statement, he said he "did not intend to harm anyone or to cause them serious harm".

Nabiev denies the murder of Mr Kemp and the attempted murder of Mr Ambler, both from Barnehurst, south-east London.

He also denies lesser alternative charges of manslaughter and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.