Hot weather, new lockdown rules and the reopening of major fast food establishments have all made their mark on parks and green spaces in south east London in recent weeks, often leaving them clogged with rubbish.

In fact, litter has been a hot topic ever since Boris Johnson announced the most recent ease in lockdown rules, and with McDonald's now reopening, the problem seems to be getting worse.

In Bexley, a group of dog walkers have taken it upon themselves to clean up favourites such as Danson Park of mountains of litter left by other residents, and Bexley Council has reintroduced on-the-spot £150 littering fines to tackle the problem.

And in Greenwich, the council has been forced to spread daily reminders to take rubbish home with them from parks after reduced street-cleaning staff have struggled to empty overflowing bins across the borough.

To make matters worse, fast food chains such as McDonald's are now reopening their drive-through and delivery services, adding to the rubbish.

Many have voiced their displeasure at seeing their local community stained by litter, not to mention the queues, especially since the new drive-thru McDonald's opened up in Woolwich last week.

So one local resident, who lives near the drive-thru, has taken to photographing the rubbish he's found in nearby streets, and the results aren't pretty.

Day one of the the Woolwich drive-thru being open, and already litter started appearing on nearby streets.

Often the rubbish was dumped right outside car windows and even front doors.

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Day two saw more clear McDonald's waste left on the street, including right outside the photographer's home, before day three saw a large spike in litter.

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Dozens of burger and chip boxes were left dumped in the middle of the street just hours after the store had opened.

Now into day five, the littering shows no signs of stopping.

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The resident said he was angry at the litter, which had taken over his street and even made its way onto private gardens, especially considering the streets were completely clean during lockdown.

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Greenwich Council has weighed in on the matter, reminding people in a tweet to take their takeaway rubbish home, or put it in the bin.

Whilst many of us are enjoying the reopening of certain food outlets, this level of littering clearly isn't acceptable.