Bexley Police have said they are aware of rumours of possible 'riots' in Bexleyheath today, assuring that police are ready to respond.

Posts shared on social media have suggested that some residents are preparing to meet up and use the recent Black Lives Matter rallies as cover to "rob up stores."

Responding to the rumours, Bexley Met Police Service have said they are aware of posts on social media regarding potential disorder this afternoon in Bexleyheath.

"There is a proportionate policing plan in place with officers able to respond to any spontaneous disorder if required."

One particular post has been shared widely, calling for people to attend riots at 4pm today.

The post states that "feds can't touch you if there's bare man."

In the US, protests against the murder of black man George Floyd, who was killed after a white police officer knelt on his neck for over eight minutes, have turned violent, with numerous cases of both police brutality and looting.

Black Lives Matter rallies have now spread to the UK, with thousands attending protests in London on Saturday and Sunday.

Several people have been arrested and over 20 officers injured during violent clashes, despite the protests being largely peaceful.