A Bexleyheath mum and her disabled son had to delete Facebook during lockdown because it grew too hard seeing pictures of other kids playing in the park, and the pair are now fundraising to install a hoist to allow him to enjoy the garden.

Zoe Booker is the mother and sole full-time carer for her son, 10-year-old Jesse-James, who relies on an indoor hoist to get in and out of bed each day.

The youngster is wheel-chair bound, and suffers from a number of disorders and disabilities, meaning he suffers from severe learning disabilities and his movement is heavily restricted.

The pair say lockdown has been "extremely hard," and having been told to shield from Covid-19 due to Jesse-James' condition, they have been unable to leave the house at all.

Trapped indoors, Zoe has spent time improving the garden and but now wants to install an outdoor hoist so that her son can fully enjoy the only safe outdoor space they have.

Jesse-James has also had his usual hydrotherapy sessions halted due to coronavirus, so Zoe has identified a hot tub and hoist system which would solve both problems, costing around £14,000.

News Shopper:

Jesse-James was brought into the world via an emergency caesarian, and when he was thoroughly checked over his mum was told he was absolutely fine.

But when Jesse-James was 6 months old a health visitor noticed that he wasn't focusing on objects as he should. Zoe was then later told that her son had severe brain damage.

After numerous tests, it was discovered that Jesse-James has epilepsy, cerebral palsy, microcephaly, hip structure, gastrostomy, visually impaired, scoliosis, severe learning difficulties, forelimb motor disorder, sialorrhea & he needs a feeding tube for his medication.

Now Jesse-James has grown too heavy for Zoe to lift on her own.

The hoist would be able to lift him out of his wheelchair and into the hot tub, and hopefully onto the grass in the garden also.

Given the level of restrictions in place, Zoe says she sees this as "absolutely necessary for my child's physical and mental health."

Speaking to the News Shopper, Zoe said: "This hoist would be help us both massively, but I just cannot afford it as a single mum on my own.

"A friend suggested I set up a GoFundMe, and I'm so grateful to everyone who's donated so far.

"Whilst it was okay at first, this lockdown has been hard. Jesse-James' hydrotherapy sessions are normally very important for his muscles and physio, but we just haven't been allowed to leave the house safely.

"A few weeks ago I had to just deactivate my Facebook, all we were seeing were kids with their parents in the park, or meeting up for barbecues.

"I do feel lucky, there are people dying in hospital rom this disease, but we feel completely trapped at the moment.

"Again we haven't been able to get anyone out to help with the garden due to the virus, but if we could install the hot hub, it would be a place for Jesse-James to rest outside. It would mean a lot."

To read about Zoe's fundraiser and donate, click here.