Parking enforcement will return to pre-Covid levels in Bexley, the local authority has announced, signalling an end to their free parking scheme implemented during the pandemic.

The council announced the coming week would see enforcement teams return to regular operations across the borough, with patrols to resume at shopping centres and railway stations as well as town centres and high streets.

For the first seven days, people in areas that have been enforced in recent weeks will receive ‘warning’ tickets, to let them know the service is returning to normal.

Bexley was one of the first councils in London during the pandemic to establish a free parking scheme for the emergency services, NHS staff, carers and volunteers.

The council says more than 3,000 people have been given access to free parking across the borough through the scheme.

When the service returns to pre-COVID-19 levels, the grace period allowing motorists to return to their vehicle after the expiry of their paid-for parking time, will revert to the usual ten minutes.

The council added it would not tolerate verbal or physical abuse against its parking enforcement officers and it may refer any such incidents to the police.

It comes after a council staff member was assaulted and left badly shaken in April while inspecting highway works. Council leader Teresa O’Neill said at the time the staff member had “no idea” why he was attacked.

“Some of our parking attendants have also reported that they are being abused while carrying out their duties,” Cllr O’Neill added.

“I need to make clear that we will not tolerate this type of behaviour. Where it happens, we will not hesitate to involve the police.”

Information on how to appeal against a parking ticket is available online at