Photos have emerged of someone not having a good day in Thamesmead today after an unfortunate accident in a local lake.

All of us have had our bad days during lockdown, but this one likely beats the lot after someone's car became half-submerged in Southmere Lake, Thamesmead.

The photos, sent in by a reader to the News Shopper Camera Club, show the car swimming in the middle of the lake, the water up to the bonnet.

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A rescue team were called, and managed to lift the car out of the lake, seemingly using a forklift.

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Christine Power, who snapped the bizarre incident, said that inside the car they found a bottle of Vodka and laughing gas canisters.

We hope everyone's coping with lockdown, and if you happen to snap anything equally bizarre, please send them in the News Shopper, or join the Camera Club here.