The family of a Beckenham grandfather whose cancer treatment was “effectively stopped" by coronavirus is appealing for help funding a life-prolonging treatment.

In 2018 Jan Orski was diagnosed with rare and aggressive bowel, liver and lung cancer, undergoing chemotherapy and chemo-radiation with “positivity, bravery and a continued thirst for life”.

After his treatment was halted by the pandemic, the NHS recommended a new course of treatment to shrink his tumours, which is unfortunately only available privately, at a cost of £25,000 per course.

Jan’s wife Patricia said: “As Jan's wife - and mother of his children - I can say that as a family, we are not ready to lose our beloved husband, dad and granddad.

“If we had the money, we would gladly spend it on the treatment of our cherished Jan . . . But sadly, we do not have this sort of money available.

“We have thought long and hard about starting a Go Fund Me page, as we appreciate it is a difficult time for everybody with lockdown - but if Jan doesn't start receiving Avastin treatment soon, it is likely he will not live much longer.

“From the bottom of our hearts, we ask for your support, prayers, and if possible, a monetary donation.

“Jan is desperate to spend as long as possible with his children and grandchildren, to watch them grow and develop.

“Any additional time available will be cherished by all of us.”

The ecommended a course of Avastin, which works to shrink tumours so that chemotherapy and other treatments will be as effective as possible.

To donate to the family’s fundraiser, which has already raised nearly £15,000, visit: