Wildlife lovers are calling for improvements to security at an Orpington park after a spate of violence against birds.

Jan Brown noticed the targetting of a Swan nest at Priory Gardens in May, with four eggs being destroyed, before a young cygnet was discovered dead weeks later.

She has launched a petition, calling on authorities to better protect birdlife, either by locking the gates at night or moving the "vulnerable birds" to a safer setting.

The petition, which has nearly 2000 signatures, reads: "This destruction of local wildlife is upsetting to many in the Orpington area and the wider community who cannot understand why this is happening to defenceless creatures who simply want to raise their young in peace.

"It is also impossible to understand why individuals in our community seek to deprive everyone from connecting with nature.

"If this thoughtless cruelty continues we will simply lose our swans and their babies forever and if that happens an aspect of nature that we can all love and admire will be sadly gone.

"They must be protected.

"They deserve to be protected."

Last year there were reports of cruelty against ducks in Priory Gardens, with witnesses claiming to have seen teenagers throwing stones.

This followed disturbing images emerging of boys appearing to holding dead ducks as trophies on social media, linked to St Paul's Cray.

The Council has been contacted for comment.

To view the petition visit: https://www.change.org/p/bromley-council-protect-the-swans-in-priory-park-orpington