Police officers in an unmarked car at Danson Park have recovered drugs and psychoactive substances from several stop and searches over the weekend, also clamping down on massive crowd forming outside a nearby pub.

PCs spent the last three nights in an unmarked car, conducting covert patrols across Welling, namely Danson Park, a recent hotspot of drugs and antisocial behaviour.

They carried out 17 separate stop and searches, targeting suspected suspicious groups, and say they recovered 'controlled drugs and psychoactive substances', including NOS canisters, from the majority of the stops.

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Police have the power to stop and search under the Psychoactive Substances Act, if they suspect that an offence has or will be committed.

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Just last week, two men from Welling were arrested after being found with over 1,000 canisters and large amounts of cash, and the covert patrols are likely in response to a spike in antisocial behaviour.

Welling Police were also called to a pub on Sunday, as people used the sunny weekend to flout social distancing measures.

The pub was serving alcohol to take away, but had attracted a crowd of 50 to 60 people, causing police to visit and refer the establishment to Bexley Council.