Police imposters, finger biters and cocaine traffickers were among those jailed for crimes in south east London during May.

News Shopper has reported on a variety of trials, as the justice system continues its work during lockdown.

Here are some of the noteworthy cases:

Police Imposters

News Shopper:

A gang of burglars from Eltham and Charlton broke into a gated Kent community with police uniforms and a flashing blue light on their car in July.

The trio used their guise to break into an apartment before stealing money, handbags and designer trainers before the real police caught up with them.

Daniel Bowen, Daniel Kelly and Louis Ahearne, all from south east London, were sentenced on Tuesday to prison terms raging from two-and-a-half years to five years.

Marian Dinca

News Shopper:

Marian Dinca was caught with nearly a kilogram of cocaine after he got stuck in traffic at the Dartford Crossing.

The 26-year-old was stopped near the Crossing in April 2020, and was found with drugs worth around £45,000 to £90,000

He was sentenced to jail for four years and four months at Maidstone Crown Court on Friday May 22.

Liam Byron

News Shopper:

PC James Robinson had been tracking down a suspect on the Bexleyheath train line on February 2 over a suspected theft when he was "viciously attacked" as he tried to make an arrest.

The brutish attack left physical scars and puncture wounds, and the officer said he believed the suspect was "fully intending to sever it."

Liam Byron, 23, was found sleeping rough in Welling Town Centre days after the attack and arrested "smirking and giggling."

Byron was sentenced to two years and 28 days' imprisonment at Woolwich Crown Court on Thursday, April 30.

Connor Money

News Shopper:

Connor Money was convicted of causing death by dangerous after causing a major car crash driving on the M2 in October 2019.

The 23-year-old, of Essex Road, Dartford, sped into a HGV whilst he was trying to overtake another vehicle after police tried to stop him.

He was travelling at around 130mph when he collided with the lorry, and moments after the crash Money fled into nearby woodland.

His front seat passenger, another 23-year-old man from Dartford, died at the scene.

Money has been sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court today, May 20, to nine years in jail, plus another 10 months for an unrelated police case.

Drug traffickers

News Shopper:

Three south east Londoners who transported hundreds of kilos of cocaine through Kent, stashed in frozen chicken and marrow bones were jailed for over 40 years.

Officers uncovered one of the gang had set up a front company – Independent Meat Ltd – which had been used to transport hundreds of kilos of cocaine in cover loads of meat since May 2019.

Thomas Lordan, 38, Mehmet Ali, 62, and Francis Sullivan, 22, who all admitted conspiracy to supply class A drugs, were sentenced to 18, 15.5, and 10 years at Lewes Crown Court.