Earlier this week we asked our readers to send in pictures of furry friends who have been making lockdown more bearable.

Have a look below at some of south east London's finest and most-loved pets:

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Jane Abbott, 55, told us: "This is Carlos. He's about 8 yrs old.

"He is a Hungarian puli cross Tibetan Terrier and he was rescued from Hungary after being mistreated.

"He’s loving life now in Kent and very spoilt."

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Kathryn Phillips told us: "This is Lottie. She's 9 weeks old.

"I bought her as a surprise for my little girls birthday last Saturday.

"She's a beauty, but our 4 year old kitty called Tink doesn't like her much."

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Bella Gower 54, from Crayford said"My dog Rudy doing a better job than me 'working from home!'"

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Jaime Leigh O'Brien told us: "This is Louey, who celebrated his 1st birthday in lockdown ❤️"

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Karen Reddington, 42, said: "Dave (7 months) takes social distancing very seriously."

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Amanda Smith told us: "This is Ben, 13 and a half years old.. hogging the remote..

"This photo was taken not long before he passed away last Thursday.

"The sweetest boy, we miss him terribly ❤️"

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Abigail Spencer said: "This is Buddy who is 1 next month.

"He is having cuddles with my daughter Millie who is 12 years old.

"She asks for cuddles now and this is what he does!"

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Kelly Fabian said: "This is peaches, who is turning one on Sunday!

"She has been loving lockdown as she has stay out as much as she wants."