Police have been accused of racism after a black man, reported to be an off-duty ambulance driver, was handcuffed and searched for drugs in Deptford.

Footage emerged of a white female officer approaching a man in the courtyard of Gilbert House on May 21, asking him what he is doing, to which he replies "just chilling, getting some fresh air."

Claiming to have 'intel' about drug dealing in the area and that she does not believe his reasons for being there, she informs him he is being detained for a drugs search, quickly grabbing and handcuffing his arm.

Critics says the man appears to have been unfairly profiled and that the officer's conduct was disproportionate, given the man's calm and co-operative manner.

The account holder who posted the video on Twitter, @D_Tribal, said: "Can you see what your officers are doing Black people during this time this out of order and again profiling.

"The same rhetoric used being displayed across the board is embarrassing.

"So many questions have to be asked about this officers approach and conduct.

"This event was a week after mine and the same dialogue is used, drugs.

"This officer didn’t even run a check on this man before deciding she was going to detain him cuffs for drugs.

"She clearly didn’t follow the National Decision Model.

"Someone needs to be held accountable for this."

David Allen Green, a lawyer and writer, tweeted: ‘Dreadful video.

"Worth listening to just how the police officer goes from nothing to arrest.

"For those without certain privileges, this is sadly not an extraordinary piece of footage."

A spokesperson for the police said: "Officers on a proactive operation to tackle crime in Lewisham on May 21, detained a number of individuals in the area of Gilbert Road, SE8.

"Acting on intelligence received regarding drugs activity in the area, a male was detained for the purpose of a search under s23 Misuse of Drugs Act at approximately 4.57pm.

"Nothing was found and the man was not arrested.

"The man was provided with details of the officer who conducted the search, and informed of his entitlement to gain a copy of the search record and how to progress this in line with standard protocol."