A council has warned that playgrounds across south-east London remain closed and are not safe to use after people started removing the warning notices put up outside them.

Lockdown currently remains in place across the UK, but following Boris Johnson's speech three weeks ago followed by the Dominic Cummings debacle, the lockdown measures are being constantly stretched.

Packed parks were photographed in Bexley and Greenwich across the weekend, showing large groups of people sunbathing and having barbecues, many leaving behind litter.

Now Greenwich Council have hit out at people who have been removing notices warning that playgrounds and other areas are out of bounds in order to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

The council say they are not removing them and playgrounds remain closed as without regular cleaning, they are not safe.

Play areas, outdoor gyms, certain popular footpaths (such as the through-way next to the National Maritime Museum) and other high-risk areas remain closed despite the lockdown being eased.

And despite public transport being ramped up to near full capacity, official advice states that the public must avoid it unless necessary, and those out enjoying the sun should remain socially distancing.

The council has also recently criticised the amount of litter and rubbish being dumped in parks during lockdown.

Overflowing bins have been commonplace in recent weeks, and the council advises people to take their own rubbish home and dispose of it there if the bins are full.