The leader of Greenwich’s Opposition says Dominic Cummings should have already resigned following his Durham visit fiasco, adding his continued refusal to do so was “a personal insult to us all”.

Cllr Nigel Fletcher, himself a former education advisor for the Tories, posted a series of Twitter messages about Boris Johnson’s top advisor on Saturday.

It came after a joint investigation by The Guardian and The Mirror blew the lid on a 260-mile trip to Durham Mr Cummings and his family undertook in March after his wife fell ill with symptoms of Covid-19.

Mr Cummings subsequently stated he had driven to his parents’ Durham farm to ensure there was someone present to care for his young son if both he and his wife were incapacitated by the virus.

However, the actions have drawn a firestorm of criticism from across the public and political sphere, with the Prime Minister’s chief advisor accused of flaunting lockdown rules he himself helped usher in.

Among those to issue a strong response were Greenwich’s Cllr Fletcher, who was officially installed as the leader of the Greenwich Conservatives earlier this month.

“OK, enough of silence. Others have been braver and more honest. I’ve held off my direct criticism of Cummings for years, as I haven’t wanted to revisit the personal anguish he caused me when I was a Tory adviser. And, frankly, because I feared the consequences of speaking up,” he wrote on Saturday.

“I woke up expecting Cummings to have gone overnight. As the examples of heartbreaking sacrifices made by families during lockdown mount, every minister sent out to defend him is further tarnished, as is the government. This isn’t an SW1 scandal- it’s a personal insult to us all.”

“Anyone with any experience of political (communications) can see what a disaster this is, how toxic is the charge of ‘one rule for us…’. It required a swift, fulsome apology and, probably, a resignation. Anyone with the best interests of the government at heart would have gone.

“Tribalism in politics makes people do strange things, but loyalty to your party shouldn’t override personal integrity. We all know MPs and ministers who have been aghast at Cummings for years. The PM is being poorly served by someone who should never have been appointed.”

Mr Cummings remains in his role as of Tuesday afternoon.