A major stretch of A-road in Greenwich was pictured virtually empty this morning during rush hour.

The A102, which leads up to the Blackwall Tunnel, is known for daily traffic jams, as it provides the only direct route across the river from south east London.

Today a gentle flow of vehicles was seen, as measures to bring the country out of lockdown gradually take force.

Over a week ago the Prime Minister announced that people living in England should work from home if possible, but if not they should head back to work.

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London saw a 77.6 per cent drop in traffic post-lockdown, with both the city centre and notorious M25 far quieter than usual.

Data from the London Air Quality Network, run by King’s College London, shows drops in both pollutants compared with average levels, particularly at roadsides.

Professor Alastair Lewis, from the National Centre for Atmospheric Science, University of York, said: “Air quality has started to improve in many UK cities, mirroring what has been seen in other countries that have restricted travel and levels of outdoor activity.

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“This is primarily a consequence of lower traffic volumes, and some of the most clear reductions have been in nitrogen dioxide, which comes primarily from vehicle exhaust.

“However fine particles (PM2.5) have also reduced significantly. In London for example PM2.5 is noticeably lower than would be expected for this time of year at the roadside, and these reductions stretch through into the suburbs as well. ”