A Dartford family say they are "heartbroken" after their mother was left in critical condition in a Greek hospital last week, with the family stranded due to Covid-19 and unable to afford nursing care.

Barbara Finch-Turner, described as an "amazing and generous" woman, is currently in hospital in Crete passing in and out of consciousness 2,000 miles away from daughters Libby and Emma and son Richard.

Faced with paying €180 a day for nursing care and with "no end in sight", the family from Swanscombe have begun fundraising to pay for Barbara's treatment to continue, and have been amazed at the response from the local community.

Daughter Libby described to the News Shopper how her mum had recently fallen ill at her home in Greece.

"I was phoning her every day during coronavirus and then one day she didn't phone, and Dad called to say she'd been take to hospital."

News Shopper:

Libby, a 51-year-old special needs workers, says that due to the situation, they still don't exactly what happened, but that Barbara has multiple sclerosis and quickly went into a coma.

Being kept at a hospital in Rethymnon, Crete, Barbara is reportedly bed-bound and until recently unconscious, with the family told to expect the worse.

The family, daughters Libby and Emma and son Richard, only have contact with Barbara through 80-year-old dad John, but his age combined with current travel restrictions mean it is increasingly difficult to ensure she's being cared for.

Libby said that as nursing care isn't covered in Crete, the family are now having to raise €180 a day to pay for her care, plus around €60 in travel costs for John.

"We managed to cover it last week, and friends were helping out, but going forward we just don't have the money," she said.

"My mum is someone who has helped so many people in her life without expecting anything in return.

"Late last week one of my friends asked how they could help, and then another said I should start a fundraiser so Dad can keep visiting Mum, and we can keep affording her nursing care."

Libby said she had been "blown away" by the response, with the fundraiser raising over £4,000 in two days.

"I was absolutely shocked. I knew my mum had done so much for others, but I really was blown away by the number of people who have been willing to help.

"One couple left a donation and said they'd known Mum back in the 70s, and still remembered how she had helped them."

A strict coronavirus lockdown is currently in place across Greece, and whilst the family could travel by plane to Athens, they would be barred from travelling to the relevant island.

"It's really tough being stuck here, Dad is unwell himself and is having to watch his beautiful wife fade.

"I've been talking to my dad on the phone, and there has been tears.

"He's doing his best, but there's only so much he can do."

But Libby said that the fundraiser, currently at around £5,200 had be a real surprise boost, and she said was so thankful to everyone who was donating.

"Right now, Barbara is still critical and there is no end in sight.

"Last week we were told to expect the worst, but this week she has started to wake up so we're hopeful."

To check out Libby's GoFundMe page and donate, click here.