Barriers placed on Deptford High Street to allow walkers to socially distance safely have been removed after they were repeatedly bumped by wayward drivers.

Red and white markers were placed in the road earlier this month, creating extra space for pedestrians in place of parking bays.

The Council has explained its decision to remove them, stating that they were repeatedly knocked out of position by the high flow of traffic.

A council spokesperson said: “We have introduced temporary measures to support social distancing on Deptford High Street. The temporary nature of the measures means that when issues are identified we can respond quickly and adapt the scheme accordingly.

"There have been a relatively high number of vehicles manoeuvring in the section to the north of the junction with Giffin Street, which may have been displacing the barriers.

"We have therefore decided to remove the barriers along this section, whilst we review alternative options to facilitate social distancing for pedestrians along the whole of Deptford High Street.

"There will also be an increased parking enforcement presence on the street to ensure that areas not intended for parking or loading are kept free for pedestrians.

"Any further changes will be communicated to affected businesses accordingly and also on the Commonplace platform.”