Greenwich Council has hit out at a number of people who have reportedly being dumping used face masks and gloves on the street for waste services teams to deal with.

There are signs across south east London that the lockdown in places for over two months has begun to ease, with more commuters, busier parks and more waste being left in them.

Several weeks ago, Greenwich Council urged residents on their daily excercise to take litter home with them instead of using the park bins after photos emerged of overflowing bins near most of the borough's parks and green spaces.

The council warned that 'extremely low' staff levels had impacted its ability to collect rubbish in the borough.

Now, in a tweet, Greenwich Council has pointed out that a number of people are dumping their used face masks and gloves on the street and in parks for the waste services team to collect.

Discarding the PPE, used to shield the user from the spread of coronavirus, "puts our waste services team at risk as they work hard to keep the borough clean."

The council are urging those using PPE to "please take these items home & put them in the bin."

The council also report that waste teams are currently working to collect bins on the normal days, including on the upcoming bank holiday,, although there have been some delays to collections due to reduced staffing numbers.