A man from Eltham was arrested earlier this month after being suspected endangering a police helicopter by shining a laser at the aircraft, along with a number of other offences.

Essex Police say enquires are ongoing, but a 41-year-old man from Eltham has been taken into custody.

The police force received reports that on Monday, May 4, at around 9:40pm, a laser was shone at a police helicopter from a vehicle travelling along the M25 towards the Dartford Bridge.

The police force at the time tweeted out condemning the behaviour, and warning that they had been close to tracking the vehicle before the laser had stopped.

The vehicle was actually stopped at the Swanley Interchange along the M25 in Kent, and a passenger was arrested.

Essex Police say the Eltham man was arrested on suspicion of endangering an aircraft, as well as on suspicion of possessing drugs and a knife.

Enquires are ongoing.