Police in Welling were forced to disperse a group of over 20 people disregarding social distancing in East Wickham Open Space on Tuesday.

Welling Police have reported several breaches of lockdown over the last few days, with several ongoing investigations.

Officers were called to East Wickham Open Space after someone phoned in and reported a large group of people in the park not following social distancing.

Upon arriving, they dispersed a group of 20 plus people, with several families and children pictured in one large group.

Today, May 13, marks the first day of relaxed rules regarding exercise and meeting with members of other families.

However, restrictions still mean social distancing must still be adhered to, and large gatherings are still banned.

Returning to the town centre, the officers reported finding a man fighting Tesco staff after being caught shoplifting.

The Met said they found that his walking aid was lined with foil, a measure taken to prevent him being detected by security alarms.

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The man was arrested as part of an ongoing investigation.