Police have spoken to the landlords of at least two pubs who reportedly opened up for outside drinks on VE Day, breaching the strict lockdown rules.

Pictures captured crowds of people gathered outside one popular Greenwich pub after it began serving takeaway alcohol as part of VE Celebrations on May 8.

The Plume of Feathers was criticised for organising a gathering of local residents despite strict orders from the government which require all pubs, bars and restaurants to remain closed to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Greenwich Police said they were aware that a couple of pubs may have opened unlawfully over the last few days in the borough.

Details have been passed on to licensing officers and Greenwich Council, and the Met said landlords will be spoken to about potential breeches.



The venue's landlord has denied wrongdoing, stating that social distancing markers were in place on the street outside the pub, with residents only allowed in the pub to use the bathroom.

But one eyewitness told the Metro.co.uk: "‘There was probably about 30 people outside. [The pub managers] are saying it was a local event organised for VE Day. Regardless whether that was the case you are only allowed to leave the house for essential journeys or exercise.

"‘We walked right through the middle of it, people were not socially distancing. They are saying they are allowed to serve takeaway beer but people were breaking rules by standing outside the pub."

They added: "It was shocking, I could not believe it. You are not used to seeing pubs open. This should not be happening."

Across the country, the public celebrated the 75th anniversary of VE Day with street parties in soaring temperatures.

Pictures and videos of the celebrations show mainly joyous scenes, but several groups of partiers have sparked fury after clearly ignoring lockdown rules.

Busy streets and conga lines sparked complaints, and following Boris Johnson's speech on lockdown restrictions on Sunday, many are still complaining about a lack of clarity from the Government.

The Plume of Feathers landlord, Susan Rose, 70, told Metro.co.uk she believed she was following this guidance when she organised the event on the request of her tight-knight community.

She and son James, joint license holder, put out two-metre markings right down the street leading to Greenwich park using tape and beer barrels. She said individual households stuck to their own box and most brought their own alcohol to mark the occasion.

The landlord denied ‘opening’ the pub, saying when alcohol was served, people were asked to stay within their box and a drink was handed to them from a distance in a plastic cup.

Ms Rose claims police arrived at the scene as the gathering was ending and that officers accepted her explanation.

In a statement, the Met said: "Police were contacted at around 17:00hrs on Friday, 8 May about a number of people gathered at a pub in Park Vista, Greenwich.

"Officers attended the venue at around 19:00hrs and spoke to those gathered to explain the current restrictions. Those present moved on."