Police in Bexley ran into a different kind of trouble on Sunday after their van was egged whilst they were responding to a concern for safety call.

Many have condemned the behaviour after on-duty officers were left to clean up the mess left by several eggs thrown at the vehicle's window.

Whilst the public have spent the last two months indoors and working from home where possible in order to stem the spread of Covid-19, police forces across the UK have continued to carry out their full duties, including outdoor patrols and responding to emergency calls

Police have also played their role during the UK's lockdown by enforcing the Government's restrictions, a role which has been widely seen as positive.

But a local police team in Bexley ran into some trouble around midday on Sunday, May 10, whilst assisting colleagues with a concern for safety call.

The family concerned were found safe and well, but when the officers returned their van had been egged.

On Twitter, Bexley MPS said they were glad the family were safe, but "the egg however... Not really on is it."

People were heavy critical of the culprits on social media, calling them 'idiots', 'cowards' and 'disrespectful', whilst another pointed out that the incident was surprising given how hard eggs are to come by at the moment.