Hundreds of people once again flocked to Greenwich Park over the weekend, whilst dozens queued to get in to the newly reopened B&Q store in Greenwich as Londoners prepared for a possible relaxation of lockdown rules later this week.

Over the weekend, photographers captured dozens of examples of people breaching social distancing rules, congregating in Greenwich Park and at the Royal Observatory.

Police were called in to move sunbathers and cyclists on on Saturday, May 2, and public bodies are continuing to beg people to save lives by staying at home.

However, the majority of people pictured in Greenwich Park were adhering to the guidelines.

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Elsewhere, B&Q and Homebase reopened its stores for the first time since lockdown, and hundreds of DIY enthusiasts were seen spotted queueing outside the Greenwich B&Q store.

Markers were placed along the queue to help shoppers to keep their distance as they shuffled forward, and waiting times were also much longer than usual due to the number of customers allowed inside at any one time were limited.

Check out the gallery above to see images captured over the weekend.

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Now in week seven of lockdown, more and more people across Britain are beginning to breach the strict social distancing measures currently in place, with some stating that the lockdown is beginning to fray.

The medical director for Public Health England described the slow increase of traffic levels over the last two weeks as "worrying", and with a number of stores and restaurants reopening for the first time since March this week, footfall is also on a steady rise.

The government has said the UK is now past the highest coronavirus peak, but infection rates still currently stand at about 6,000 per day - far too high for a widespread easing of restrictions to be considered, the Prime Minister said.

The number of coronavirus deaths in the UK has jumped up in recent days, following the addition of care home deaths, and now sits at 32,313, the highest in Europe.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to set out a plan for leaving lockdown next week, which will give guidelines for returning to work and children returning to school.