A family in Erith are desperately appealing for help in finding Charlie, their foul-mouthed pet parrot who they say is "part of the family."

Chelsea Malpas said her and her mum had been left "devastated" after the parrot flew out of the front door on Friday after becoming spooked, and has since led a wild goose chase after sightings across Bexley.

Charlie is a female African grey parrot with a distinctive red tail, and has been part of the family for 11 years.

Daughter Chelsea said her mum had come back to their home in Craydene Road, Erith, after shopping one week ago today, Friday April 24.

Not realising that Charlie was out of her cage, she opened the front door which caused the parrot to spook and fly out of the front door.

They tried to call her back, but she flew away towards Slade Green, leaving owner Debbie "devastated."

Chelsea said this was the first time Charlie had been out so she would't know where home was.

"We miss her very much and just want her home," Chelsea said.

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"Charlie is part of our family, and her owner, my mu, is desperate to get her back and is even offering a reward for anyone that provides information that leads to her being found.

Charlie is described as being larger than a pigeon, with a black curved beak, and being grey in colour but with a bright red tail.

She can make various squawking and whistling sounds, as well as saying phrases such as 'hello', 'see ya later mate', and 'get out'.

Charlie usually favours men, but is friendly and will fly onto nearby fences or even someones shoulder.

Chelsea added that the parrot also unfortunately liked to swear, and even tell people to 'f*** off'.

The family have been out carrying out searches whilst maintaining social distancing every day since she went missing, but there have been several reported sightings so far.

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After posting messages on Facebook, Debbie got a call the day after saying an African grey parrot had been spotted in a tree in Bexleyheath.

The family rushed over and rescued the parrot from the tree, but amazing in turned out to be the wrong parrot. Luckily they were able to reunite this one with its owner.

On Thursday, April 30, a bus driver said he was 90% sure he'd seen Charlie fly over Manor Road, and another phone call said they were certain she'd been seen on a back garden fence in Iron Mill Lane.

This and other sightings suggest Charlie has headed towards the Dartford area, but promisingly remains local to Bexley/Erith.

Chelsea said Charlie is likely hiding in a tree, tucked into the corner of a branch, and it is thought she will be more active and noisy at dawn and dusk.

The family are now asking anyone who knows anything about Charlie's whereabouts to get in touch as soon as possible. You can call 07824 379781.