The son of a nurse who died after contracting Covid-19 whilst working on the frontline at Queen Elizabeth Hospital has described her as "an angel in human form."

Samuel Akinsanya paid tribute to his mother this week after he was forced to say goodbye to her over Skype days after she tested positive for coronavirus.

Esther Iyabode Akinsanya, 55, died on April 15 after a short illness inside the intensive care unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich.

The healthcare assistant had spent 20 years working at the hospital, where Sam said she had been nicknamed 'Matron' by fellow colleagues as a mark of respect.

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Over 100 NHS workers have now died from Covid-19.

Sam, an Amazon delivery driver and photographer, described her as someone who loved her job, and wouldn't stop until she had helped anyone she could help.

Speaking to the News Shopper, he said: "All she'd talk about when she got home is work, stories about patients and all sorts.

"Even the senior nurses looked up to her, she was called 'Matron' and I think that was a sign of how valued she was at the hospital."

Sam said her will to help others went far beyond the walls of the hospital.

"She was a loving, caring, unbelievably generous person, someone who would help anyone and everyone.

"She was very sacrificial, always putting others before her. Even in her relatively short live she did so much to help out friends and family, neighbours and strangers.

"Mum was just naturally kind, it was her motto to help people.

"Since she died, we've had so many people from the hospital and others ring up in tears and tell us that she meant so much to them."

"She's the pillar of my family, and its dawning on us now how many people she's helped in various ways in her life.

"She truly was an angel in human form."

Esther was admitted to hospital with symptoms of coronavirus in early April just hours after her sister and fellow nurse had also been admitted.

Sam, who lived with his mother and aunt in Thamesmead, said it was "the last thing we had expected," and that she had deteriorated slowly inside ICU.

On the Wednesday, they FaceTimed from Esther's hospital bed and she told him she was going to be sedated after her breathing had gotten worse and an issue with her kidney had developed.

She told Sam "look after your sister," and then died two hours later inside Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

"That's what cuts me," Sam said. "She told me she was fine, but that line plays in my head. She wanted to give her children hope."

"When the doctor told me, I instantly became numb, everything felt heavy, I felt every emotion; fear, panic, paranoia..."

Mr Akinsanya said even in hospital she wasn't concerned about herself, instead still worrying about her children at home and her sister also in hospital.

"She was such a strong, altruistic mother, and she never talked about the pain, so just don't know how bad it was for her there."

Esther leaves behind her son Sam and daughter Rachel, who is just 14 years old, as well as a grandson in three-year-old Elisha.

Sister, Mary Idowu, is also a nurse at the hospital and has now spent three weeks inside the intensive care unit after also testing positive for Covid-19.

According to Sam, Mary spent a considerable amount of time in a coma due to the virus, but has now woken up.

Sam said the family were still processing everything, and were not yet ready to hold a funeral.

However, a fundraiser for the family has been set up in order to help cover the funeral.

"It's been amazing, one big worry off of our backs. People who didn't even know Mum have donated, and I'm truly grateful."