A family in Bexley has "had their life turned upside down" this evening after their tumble dryer caught fire.

A woman in her 40s is being treated for smoke inhalation and has been placed into the care of paramedics.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service crews were called to Summerhouse Drive in Bexley near Dartford to find a tumble dryer issuing smoke in the ground floor utility room of the home.

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Wearing breathing apparatus, crews of firefighters tackled the fire with hose reel jets and a large fan.

But a woman in her 40s, described as a member of the family, was treated by paramedics due to smoke inhalation.

Due to the situation, the Kent Fire and Rescue Service volunteer response team were also called to offer the family welfare and emotional support.

The fire service tweeted out that the Bexley family's life "has been turned upside downside this evening," adding that for advice, please call the home safety team 0800 923 7000.