One of the hardest things about the coronavirus pandemic is being far from those you love, and we know many families will be missing each other throughout this lockdown.

Now into our sixth week of lockdown, many of us have now grown used to social distancing, shut down high streets and being far from loved ones.

But we know there will be thousands of little ones who have not been able to see their grandparents during lockdown.

It's been tough, so we want to spread a bit of joy by sharing your little ones’ messages to their grandparents in The News Shopper.

And to help bring us together, we've set aside a few pages in our newspaper for grandchildren to send messages of love to their grandparents

You've been sending them in from across south east London, so here are some messages of love they are sending to your families.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for letting us deliver your messages, and enjoy the gallery.

We will continue to serve you as best we possibly can during these unprecedented times.

Stay safe everyone!