Police who raided a house in Bexley have arrested three people after they caught the suspects throwing bags of cannabis off their balcony.

Officers made two arrests as they raided the property, followed by a third arrest after a man rang the intercom whilst police were inside and said he was there to buy cannabis.

According to an online post by Bexley MPS, a Met Police taskforce were granted an arrest warrant by Woolwich Crown Court in the search for a wanted male.

Within two hours of the arrest warrant, the taskforce visited a flat at an undisclosed location within the borough.

The officers were let into the flat by a female and found the wanted man inside where he was arrested.

Whilst entering the property, "strategically position" officers outside the back witnessed plastic bags containing snap bags of cannabis being thrown off the balcony.

Police arrested both the male and female for possession of a class B drug with intent to supply.

In a further bizarre twist, whilst officers were searching the flat for further evidence, the intercom rang.

A man came to the door, stating that he wanted to buy cannabis, and police arrested him for being concerned in the supply of a class B drug.