Rainbows, love hearts and other examples of colourful artwork have been popping up across south east London in the last month or so, with residents getting creative in order to express their thanks to the remarkable NHS and care workers currently battling coronavirus.

The idea of painting rainbow pictures and putting them in the window spread quickly on social media after it was suggested it might brighten some people’s day.

Youngsters across the borough are responsible for a lot of the artwork, with both those stuck at home and children of key workers spending their free time to create thank you's for NHS workers.

Yesterday, April 20, maintenance workers from Greenwich Council paid a visit to Queen Elizabeth Hospital to show hospital their vans which had been adorned with rainbow artwork from local school children.

The staff said they were "delighted" with the artwork, and the incredible support show for NHS workers so far.

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Another great example of local creativity is this picture painted by Samantha Rye whilst in lockdown.

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Samantha held a live auction on social media to raise money for the NHS, with the final bid coming in at £550 plus over £1,200 in donations.

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Having received dozens of images of similar examples from school classes, residents and actual artists, we thought we'd show off a few more.

Dozens of other readers have sent in photos, pictured up in the gallery above.

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