Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust is currently treating over 250 coronavirus patients across its two hospitals but continues to cope with demand as it rapidly expands capacity.

Chief Executive Ben Travis confirmed that no Covid-19 patients have been turned away from Lewisham or Queen Elizabeth and none have been denied critical treatment.

In a message to staff on Tuesday, Mr Travis confirmed that there were 262 positive patients, 38 who were in critical care.

He said: "Over the last few weeks we've expanded our critical care capacity significantly at both hospitals.

"Typically, across both our hospital sites, we would have up to 20 ventilated critical care beds.

"During the Covid-19 outbreak, this has been expanded to 62 and we are looking to expand further.

"As of today, April 14, across both our sites we currently have 262 positive patients with 38 in critical care.

"We are also working very closely with neighbouring hospitals, ensuring that our critical care beds are filled at the same rate, so that no one hospital becomes overwhelmed at any point."

More than 150 coronavirus deaths have so far been recorded by the Trust.

A nurse recently described her experience of working 13-hour shifts at Lewisham Hospital's intensive care unit, which "changed her perception of life".

Pauline George said: "The virus does not discriminate. It can affect anybody, rich or poor, and can infect people of any age, class, race or creed.

"I worked so hard during my shift that after 39 hours on the intensive care unit I was exhausted, had lost weight and my feet were sore.

"I slept all day on Monday and was still tired the next day."