Police in Dartford have cracked down on antisocial bikers who have been flouting Government advice to stay indoors and not socialise during the coronavirus crisis.

Several warnings & fines have been issued by Kent Police who say they take this behaviour seriously and will use enforcement as a last resort on "the minority of people who continue to flout the law."

On Sunday, April 6, community officers were called to Ladywood Road in Darenth and issued 10 Section 59 warning letters to people seen riding motorbikes in breach of the rules.

If caught again, police will be able to seize vehicles causing antisocial behaviour.

Later the same day, police stopped two men, aged 19 and 20, seen riding motorcycles together on the A296 junction with Wood Lane.

Both were unable to provide a reasonable excuse as to why they were out and were issued fines.

Chief Inspector Neil Loudon said: "I want to reassure the public that despite the challenges of the current way of working we are responding to reports as usual.

"We have always had powers to warn, fine, seize and in some cases destroy a vehicle if it has been driven uninsured or where the motorcyclist or driver is causing a nuisance and will use these powers where they are required."