The first phase of a major regeneration project in one of Bexley’s most historic corners has been completed, with a local councillor saying the move would provide a welcome boost to nearby businesses and residents.

The scheme around The Green at Falconwood has seen the parade transformed over the last year, with new seating areas installed and trees planted, alongside new pavements and road layout to help with traffic issues.

The project, funded by a London Secondary Town Centres grant, is the result of 18 months of work from Bexley council staff and members.

Ward Councillor Louie French, who has lived near The Green for most of his life, said he had “never seen the area looking so good”.

“As local Councillors we would like to thank local businesses and residents for their patience during these works and thank everyone that took part in the public consultation held at Bishop Ridley Church last year,” the council’s cabinet member for growth said.

He also urged members of the community to immediately call police if vandals attempted to strike the new improvements.

“We accept there is a risk that a minority of people will try to ruin this project for the wider community, but we cannot let them stop us doing something positive for our local area. If you do see this type of behaviour please report it straight away to the police,” he said.

The second phase of the project by the Co-op is expected to commence after the lockdown is over.