A Petts Wood family is mobilising the community to sew much-needed scrubs for NHS workers saving lives during the pandemic.

Michele and Gareth Sefton are looking to raise £2,000 a week to fund the production of 350-400 uniforms for hospitals in short supply by their small army of 50 volunteers.

After donating six of their own hand-made efforts to a friend working at Lewisham hospital, the couple became involved with For The Love of Scrubs’ national campaign, launching a gofundme page which raised £5,000 in just a few days.

Mr Sefton, 46, who owns a local business, said: “We’ve had an amazing response.

“We’re trying to get enough money together to make a thousand.

“If we raise £7,000, we’ll have enough to cover the cost.

“With 50 volunteers sewing, we think we can produce 350-400 a week, so we could do it very quickly.

“To keep it sustained the minimum we need to £2,000 a week.”

As a special touch, donors can have their names sewn on the label of the scrubs their contribution helps produce.

For The Love of Scrubs has got volunteer sewers across the country working away to address shortages of medical uniforms in the NHS.

Scrubs need to be washed frequently to reduce the spread of disease, even more so given the infectiousness of coronavirus, meaning laundry teams have been working round the clock.

An extra supply of clothing eases the pressure on hospitals.

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