A nine-year-old Dartford girl’s “one in a million” kitten was found decapitated and skinned outside a college in a suspected attack by the UK Cat Killer.

Patience Applegate’s 11-month-old tabby Luna went missing on Saturday, March 28, sparking a neighbourhood search led by her mum, Angela.

On Thursday she made a gruesome discovery, spotting Luna’s mutilated body on the wall of nearby Dartford Science and Technology College, just a few hundred metres away from home.

Ms Applegate, 33, said: “I just couldn’t believe it, I was distraught.

“The paws were the giveaway, as she had such unique markings.

“She was pretty much decapitated, and the head and tail were missing.

“It looked like she had been skinned partially.

“It was quite fresh in the most disgusting way possible.”

Ms Applegate put Luna’s body in a bag and transported it to the vet, who confirmed that there were no bite or claw marks.

She then got in touch with SNARL (South Norwood Animal Rescue), an animal charity which conducts its own investigations into the infamous UK Cat Killer, who is suspected of carrying out similar attacks across the region.

Patience soon heard the tragic news.

“She’s been really upset and had a number of angry outbursts.

“That cat was special, she was patient – one in a million.

“She never once moaned, swiped, bit, just the most placid cat you’d ever get.

“What’s next, a child? It’s disgusting and makes me feel I can’t trust anybody.”

A spokesperson for SNARL said: “A veterinary examination confirmed that the cat’s horrific injuries had been inflicted with precision by a person.

“We have seen the vet report and photographs.

“There is no way this was an animal attack and we are ruling this attack into our investigation. This psychopath is getting more and more depraved in its mutilations and needs to be stopped.”